Viaman Male Enhancement Pills
Viaman Male Enhancement Pills

Viaman Review 2018 – Male Enhancement Formula

Viaman Overview

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction then you should use Viaman which is conveniently and primarily intended to provide a solution to men suffering from such issues. The company boasts that the supplement will provide you with a series of benefits which is why more and more people are opting towards this particular product. Moreover, there are no side effects of using this product as it contains only natural ingredients. All the ingredients selected and used in formulating this product work in harmony along with your bodily conditions so as to ensure that you have the maximum sexual pleasure without having to worry about any side effects of using this product.

The most significant factor of this product is its ingredient. Apart from being natural and herbal, these ingredients do not have any reduced effect even if it is taken at the same time as alcohol. It is the unique formula of the product that contains no synthetic substances and additive to work adversely. The product has no requirement to be taken with supplement, pharmaceutical compounds or medications of any kind. These are the features that lots of other products lack and fail to provide.

Let us now identify the specific of this product that makes it so convenient by digging deeper into it. This will ensure that all the claims that are made by the manufacturer are actually true and there are no questionable contents in it. You must know whether alcohol will make its effectiveness and functionality moot. Moreover, natural product that it is, it may not mean it will go well with other pharmaceuticals without any interference or harmful side effects. Having this in mind, let us now take a peek at the natural ingredients that Viaman contains along with the working process


The list of ingredients used in Viaman is pretty long and all of these work in perfect harmony to provide the desired result in your sexual activity. The list contains:

  • L-Arginine

This is an important amino acid that plays a significant role in the production of nitric oxide in your body. This results in widening of the blood vessels that improves the overall blood flow in your body. This results in more blood in your penis and genital region resulting in fuller, firmer and long lasting erection.

  • L-Lysine

This is another amino acid used in this supplement that is naturally found in beef and milk. This helps in the normal hormone production like the testosterone that has a direct relation with the sex drive in men. Many sexual dysfunctions like the erectile dysfunction are actually a result of lower testosterone levels.

  • Acetyl N-Carnitine

This ingredient is commonly found in all fat burning products. This has the natural ability to breakdown of fatty acids that are used by your body for energy thereby increasing the level of energy.

  • Fenugreek

This is known to have been used for ages as a traditional medicine to improve sex drive in men. Recently it has been found that this also helps in increasing the level of natural testosterone production in your body that in turn will result in an increased libido in men.

  • Maca Root

This herb has the potential to improve strength and the Inca warriors used this herb in the ancient times. It actually works towards improving the ability of your body to produce more testosterone.

  • Zinc

This is an important mineral used in the supplement that also facilitates in testosterone production. There are also proofs that this mineral can improve the blood flow in your body that will help you to get a better and fuller erection.

  • Citruline Malate

This is another amino acid used in the formulation. This is naturally found in the skin of watermelon that is difficult to eat. This is known to have the power to reduce fatigue and increase the level of energy that will enable you to perform better in your sexual activity even when you are facing stress.

  • Magnesium

This is a bioavailable mineral that has the natural ability to reverse erectile dysfunction in men. This will help you to have a better sexual health, appetite, and satisfaction

  • Vitamin B Complex

This is a beneficial ingredient of the supplement that is known to improve your libido.

  • Biotin

This is also referred to as Vitamin B-7 and it helps in enhancing your sperm count. This also helps you to improve and strengthen your sexual prowess overall.


The ingredients work together to provide you with a better sex life and pleasure. Use of Viaman will enhance your libido that will provide you with an enhanced sperm count overall. All this will ensure that you have a better sexual functioning and performance on bed. The other benefits include:


  • It is made from natural ingredients only
  • All the ingredients are safe to use and its effectiveness is backed by proper scientific and clinical data
  • It can improve your sexual appetite and drive
  • It will prolong your sexual performance
  • It is able to provide you with the power to control over ejaculation
  • It facilitates an increased blood flow to penis
  • It support stronger. longer and firmer erections
  • You require taking the pill once daily
  • There are no side effects reported yet


However, there are some downsides and mild side effects of the product if you overdose the product. Apart from that, you will not get this product in a retail store, which can be considered as a problem to some people.

Does It Work?

Viaman primarily works towards improving the blood flow in your body by increasing the nitric oxide content in your body. This results in vasodilation which is the widening of the blood vessels resulting in greater volume of blood flow. This increased in the penis and genital area results in better and stronger erection. The supplement also provides your body with the important nutrients and substances that will better your sex drive and appetite. All this will result in and increased and healthy production of testosterone. As the supplement contains natural aphrodisiacs and energy boosters it also improves your sexual performance and endurance.

How To Use?

You will have to take just one capsule of Viaman every day with your food. If you want to have the best results then you will have to use it regularly for 3 months consistently without a break so that the results do not start deteriorating.

Side Effects

HealthClinicUSA claims that Viaman should be used by healthy male adults only and those under medication or suffering from any medical condition should avoid it.

Where To Buy Viaman?

This Product Is Only Available On Their Official Website


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