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Idol White Overview

Whenever teeth get undesirable sports on the surface or inside of it and start changing colors, then that change is termed as tooth discoloration. These teeth stain takes place when substances stick within pores, located inside the enamel and erode it. These stains can be extrinsic or intrinsic, mainly depending on the case of the stains. Extrinsic stains can easily be identified through black, brown, green or grey color. Extrinsic stains might stick to teeth’s surface mainly when it dents or cracks. Intrinsic stains, on the other hand, have pink, red or even pale yellow color. Ongoing high BP or trauma or other treatments cause these stains. You need some help with the color of your teeth and get it back to its original one. Well, for that Idol White is the name for you to consider.

Idol White is mostly defined to be a teeth whitening pen, used for brightening smiles of so many satisfied customers. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients used for teeth whitening services and help in bringing the natural white shade in teeth. That helps in allowing you to enjoy a brighter and whiter smile without the costs and hassles of most of the teeth whitening systems over here. This proven pen claims to brighten up your stained teeth and it is known for vanishing yellow stains and will return that bright glowing smile on user’s face.

Idol White comprises active forms of bleaching agents, which are subject to attack some of the long chained molecules of some undesired substances, which otherwise stick to outer teeth surface. It can further work on the dentin layer, by just covering the while color of the enamel. This product further ensures to offer sparkling teeth within a few minutes after you use it. It is not a messy service and can be used anywhere, even at your place. Moreover, each pen comprises of around 30 applications, which can be stated to be enough for cleaning the stains at their primary stages. But for old stains, you might have to contact a cosmetic dentist for help.


Idol White clearly claims to return the current natural whiteness of teeth enamel, when it starts to fade. This pen comprises of whitening gel along with a topical brush, which helps in fighting the stains and even clear up teeth to its original form. Like any other whiteners, Idol White also bleaches teeth with hydrogen peroxide as its active ingredient. But, it is mandatory to learn more about the other ingredients too, as used in this segment.

  • Glycerin: It is proved to be quite effective in delivering some of the whitening agents deep within enamel.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Known as the key ingredient of this pen, it is used by most of the teeth whitening products these days. It is famous for its oxidizing properties, which will work as bleaching agents when associated with the teeth whitening formula.
  • Carbomer: It is another form of the whitening agent, which helps in bleaching enamel and returns the shiny look back.
  • Sodium Hydroxide: This ingredient helps in boosting up the teeth whitening process by just adding that white color to your stained teeth.
  • EDTA: This product helps in removing the dirty toxins, which supports stain. It cleanses your teeth and helps in providing a glossy touch to it.
  • Peppermint oil: If you are longing for a fresh breath, this oil is the right one to consider.
  • Sodium Saccharin: This is known to be a sugar-free content, which is used for improving the taste of the gel, once it is applied on teeth.


Before you jump right into using Idol White for those long effective white teeth, it is mandatory for you to learn more about the benefits involved in this sector. Once you have started using this pen, you will start realizing the importance it holds, and you will get results instantly. Unlike other teeth whitening toothpaste and products, you don’t have to wait much.


  • This teeth whitening pen, namely Idol White, is used for cleaning the teeth even after whitening
  • You can get yourself professional results, right at your place and at the comfort of your couch
  • It is made using herbal ingredients, which makes it safe to use and with effective results only.
  • It is rather easy for you to use and you don’t have to worry about any negative results
  • There are some common bleaching ingredients used in this pen, along with some uncommon herbal additions for effective teeth whitening at home.


Being a safe and herbal infused teeth whitening pen, Idol White does not have any con to it. The only disadvantage is that it is available online only and still did not hit the retail market. So, you have to log online to get hold of this pen and start using it.


Now, you might be wondering if Idol White actually works and provides the claims it makes all the time. Well, once you check out on the ingredients and their separate moves, you will be sure to state that this product does work. Thanks to the active ingredients, the teeth stains are likely to get dissolved from surface and enamel helps in hiding the dentin layer with natural white cover. These ingredients are subject to play unique solution.

This process will start when the bleaching agents release oxygen into teeth. These molecules are subject to fight the cause of the exterior and interior stains. These stains will prevent light from reflecting, which makes the teeth look dull. With the help of this item, you can remove the yellow content successfully and coat the teeth with bright white color.

How To Use?

This Idol White is initially designed for a span of 30 days. Each package comprises of 2 pens of 2.5ml each. You can use one pen for 15 days with 30 applications.

  • Make sure to start by brushing your teeth before applying the white gel from Idol White
  • After that, twist the cap of this pen to open and press base for dispensing the whitening gel
  • Apply the gel on teeth and close the lid
  • Let it dry, which will take around 30 seconds and then rinse it after 20 minutes

Side Effects

Being a leading teeth whitening pen, it is rather hard to come across side effects while using Idol White. It is really effective for people of all ages and can be procured from HealthClinicUSA. This company has already sold this pen to many people and each one of them has positive results.

Where To Buy Idol White?

This Product Is Only Available On Their Official Website

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