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Those nights, when you had a fight with your partner just because you cannot satisfy her in bed, haunt you like anything. You have tried a lot but still premature ejaculation is the main cause of concern. Not only that, but it takes a lot of pressure to get erect penis for longer time. But, no matter whatever you have tried working on; the result was towards the negative side. That’s before you started taking Duramale. This male enhancement pill is exactly what you need for longer erection and increase in libido. The best part is this product is 100% herbal and natural.

So, you have finally consulted a doctor and he recommends you to go for this medicine. That’s enough to rely on this medicine, but just for your concern, you can check out on its description first. It is a natural remedy to help you delay ejaculation and promotes pleasurable and satisfying sexual life. It is a herbal remedy with perfect amalgamation of potent herbs. These herbs help in delaying ejaculation, improve libido and increase erection. It works wonder in prolonging the sexual intimacy with healthier grasp of ejaculation control. Some of the renowned nutritional and health professionals, herbal researchers and pharmaceutical experts have worked hard to come up with the winning formula of Duramale.


Want to check the beneficial aspects of Duramale? In case, the answer is yes then you might want to keep your eyes wide open for the points, listed below:

  • This medicine is designed to increase fertility. The sperm generated will help your significant other to conceive.
  • It helps in delaying and controlling ejaculation time, giving rise to more pleasure while in bed.
  • This medicine promotes firmer and stronger erections, which are going to last for long and provide complete satisfaction, from start till finish.
  • If you can intake this medicine for long, then it might help in increasing sexual libido and even stamina.
  • This medicine helps in providing you with long lasting results and progressive features, which are otherwise hard for you to miss.



It’s time to check on the amazing ingredients, dedicated to manufacturing premium quality Duramale. Once you are through with the ingredients, you can clarify if this medicine is the one you have been looking for so long:

  • Indian gooseberry: It is a potent Aphrodisiac herb, which is useful for preventing premature ejaculation. It helps in increasing your sperm count and quality of semen. It is an antioxidant, rejuvenator and even work actively on your nervous system.
  • Elephant creeper: It is also known as rasayana and is a generic tonic for brain. This medicine is another interesting ingredient for increasing the sperm count. This plant is known for its anti-stress, nootropic, immunomodulatory and anti-oxidant features.
  • Indian Ginseng: This ingredient is a major one while manufacturing multiple Ayurvedic medicines and can also be found in medicine. It helps in increasing the energy of your body and works great in overall improvement of your health and longevity. It further helps in preventing diseases.
  • Pellitory: This ingredient in this medicine is primarily used as general tonic, aphrodisiac and the perfect remedy for increasing sperm count. So, if you are trying hard to become a father, this medicine is the perfect one for you to try it on.
  • Nutmeg: This is a part of aromatic plant and helps in delaying premature ejaculation. It was used in multiple Ayurvedic medicines from ancient times and has produced only positive results.

Side Effects

From the points, mentioned above, you can easily state that Duramale is a perfect and 100% natural sex pill. So, your body does not have any chance to oppose to this medicine or any of the natural ingredients used for its manufacturing. So, if you are afraid of trying this pill just for avoiding side effects, then you have good news. This medicine is safe to consume and clinically tested to be one of the most effective sex pills of all times.

Time For The Dosage of Duramale

Most of the time it is recommended to consult a doctor before you happen to try out on Duramale. However, generally, during initial stages you are asked to take 2 pills on a daily basis. However, after sometime, you can restrict that to 1 pill, minimum 30 minutes before any food intake.

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  1. DONNA MARTIN | July 3, 2017 at 1:07 pm | Reply

    Duramale is the perfect pill when it comes to premature ejaculation. I have tried it more than once and the result has always been astounding to be precise.

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