Jes-Extender Review 2018 – How Precise and Comfortable Penis Enlarger is It?

Jes Extender Overview

The manufacturers claim Jes-Extender is the most precise penis enlarger that has revolutionized penis enlargement. The scientific design and its accurate working will provide you with the ultimate comfort on using it and enjoy the benefits of using it with better non-sleeping bed activities.

Since its invention way back in 1994 this revolutionary penis enlarger has proved to be effective clinically and produces excellent results. When you use the Jes Extender you will feel no pain but the treatment will enlarge your penis comfortably and easily. It is extremely popular all over the world and presently has over 100,000 satisfied and happy users making it the number one choice for men worldwide. It is the safest to enlarge your penis as this penis enlargement tool can enlarge the length and widen the girth of your penis without requiring any painful surgery.

Spare Parts

Jes-ExtenderThe unique penis enlargement tools have scientifically designed and clinically tested safe to use spare parts. All these spare parts and accessories are easily available with the manufacturer as they stock the full range of it and you can simply order for it visiting Jes-Extender website.

There are a basal ring and front piece to hold your penis firmly and straight. The other parts of Jes Extender effective and useful tool include:

  • Hand screws to fix it tight
  • A pair of cylinder that sets according to the size of your penis
  • A robber strap
  • A basal ring bolt
  • A pair of Hexagonal pistons that fits in the pair of cylinders
  • Another pair of elongation bars.
  • All these spare parts are aimed and intended to enlarge and hold your penis with the age old traction method


The reason for the immense popularity and stupendous success of Jes-Extender are its benefits. It is the original extender and by far the best one amongst all similar type of penis enlargement tool. The innovators of this unique tool along with the patent holders are the leaders and best in traction technology since 1995

The pros

There is several of it that can be enumerated as follows:

  • The most significant one is that it is a painless treatment process.
  • You do not need any painful surgery for enlarging your penis to your surprise.
  • It is safe and has no side effects as it is proved and found clinically and scientifically.
  • The precise design produces spectacular results that are the long-term and ultimate comfort.
  • The spare parts and accessories are available online and easily.
  • The manufacturers ship the product discreetly and within a very short time frame all over the world.
  • Using it you will have the guaranteed and classified number one medical tool.
  • Jes-Extender has the European Certificate CE that is only given to those products that meet the strict standards set by the European Union.
  • Jes-Extender is a handmade product of Denmark

The cons

As such there are not any side effects in using or defects in the tools reported by even a single user amongst the millions all over the world.

Scientific Document


Download the study by the British Journal of Urology here

Does Jes-Extender Work?

The most significant and important fact about this penis enlargement tool is that it is developed and is also recommended by doctors, different specialists, and several physicians. Therefore you do not need any further assurance for its safety and any further support for its usefulness.

The tool is designed to work by using the method of traction that has been used since the ancient ages. Traction has this unique potential to grow body organs including your penis. Using this safe tool your penis will grow up by up to 24% of its original size.

The working process of this tool helps in the natural cell division facilitating permanent extension of your penis. It is proven to straighten Peronei’s disease and even helps in increasing the length and girth of your penis. This tool will also result in an extra blood flow in your genital and penis region that will also help you to have a better quality erection as well.

You can use Jes-Extender to sleep provided you do not turn a lot while sleeping or do not have the habit of sleeping on your back. You can also use it while you are at work as well but for that, you will need to wear boxer shorts and Los fitting trousers. If your workplace allows that and if your job does not need you to move quite a lot, then you can use Jes-Extender penis enlarger while working.

How To Use Jes-Extender?

If you follow the instruction of using Jes-Extender then it will apply a firm and gentle force on your penis. This allows natural cell multiplication through the well-known and natural method called cytokinesis. When you use it regularly over time there will be the growth of new tissues and you will notice the growth of your penis visibly becoming longer, firmer and thicker.

The millions of users all over the world have seen that when Jes-Extender is used for more than 26 weeks you will have about 24% enlargement. The most exciting thing about using Jes-Extender is that you can control it fully as to how long or thick you want your penis to be ultimate. The spare parts will enable you to control the level of traction and you can even ear it as long as you want. This means that you can stop using it if you do not want your penis to grow beyond the length or girth that you desire.

There is no strict regime pattern to follow to use Jes-Extender as you can use it as and when you feel like. However, the results will depend on how long you wear the medical tool. It is recommended that you do not use this device for more than 6 to 8 hours per day. And yes, of course, you can continue to have sex during the treatment as you would do normally.

Side Effects

According to HealthClinicUSA the use of this tool will not have any side effects, pain or discomfort. They ship it all over the world in discreet packaging and within the shortest time. Even men who are circumcised and those who are not circumcised can use this penis extender for best and safe results. As it is CE certified by the European Union you have the automatic guarantee of its safety and effectiveness of this number one choice and favored medical tool. Make sure you are at least 18 years of age to use Jes-Extender for your sexual benefits.

Where to Buy Jes-Extender?

It is available only their official website


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