Folexin (Foligen) Review 2018 – Is it the Best Hair Loss Treatment Without Surgery?

Looking for a non-messy solution to making your hair re-grow? Then you really need to try Vita Balance Limited’s Folexin. It is actually a hair restoration and hair loss solution that can be taken orally. This means that being an oral supplement you never have to go through the process of messy mixtures and oils that usually stink and make the hair sticky. According to research conducted the product has proved beneficial for the supporting the prevention and production of hair growth naturally.

The three stages involved to reach the final growth include telogen, catagen, and anagen. Folexin is a unisex product that means it is meant both for women and for men. All the natural products go into the making of the product and the ingredients and extracts have long been studied for assisting hair re-growth. It is made in the US within a facility that is FDA registered following the guidelines of GMP. Ingredients in the formula are both imported and domestic.

The manufacturers of Folexin are one registered company called Vita balance Limited that is based in Wales and England. They are renowned for manufacturing and formulating dietary supplements, namely, Folexin for respectable periods. Their primary focus has been creating products for hair growth and weight loss for global consumers

Till date, it has been trusted widely and researchers, as well as users, have tagged the product to be safe, and it can be consumed by everyone. For placing the order Folexin you can always go to the official website to have it placed. On the website when you are placing the order for supply of four months, you receive one bottle free of cost. The product has been discussed in entirety below.

Folexin Overview

Many other problems related to hair problems and hair loss can actually be severe issues. Most common factor that contributes to this are aging, environmental factors and hormonal changes. This works on the hair re-growth because of some of the most complicated ingredients that are used for combating loss of hair and degradation of hair. The users that have incorporated Folexin in their hair care regimen noticed a substantial increase in the hair growth, the health of the hair and quality. This was visible in just a few weeks. There are absolutely no side effects known for using the product hence you can totally use it in the long term.

folexin (new name for foligen)

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Instant hair gain if you are searching for then Folexin is not meant for those. What makes it a hit with the users is that that the product is free from any kind of adverse reactions. This is mainly because stable and gentle ingredients go into the making of this product. The ingredients have proven to be consistent with results that give shiny and healthy hair.

There were many reviews on Folexin that were tallied with manufacturer information and the ingredients. According to that people have claimed that the product did work for hair growth. There are many notable benefits of the product.

Folexin is an advanced supplement for hair restoration that aims at hair loss treatment without surgery. This Non-surgical Hair restoration method has been designed specifically for both women and men irrespective of the background and age. Across the world, both have benefitted from these natural supplements. This has been found to control hair fall because the formula is effective and works on hair growth, hair thickness and is an ultimate Hair Loss Cure. The product is able to perfectly combat hair loss irrespective of any causes. These could be just the health or genetic factors. Perhaps, Folexin has proved to be one of the most notable products has been praised by Mayo Clinic and WebMD. Therefore, if it is your decision to buy it then that shall be your smart choice because it delivers all that is promises.

Till date, there have been no side effects that are unpleasant, have been reported by the users.


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Understanding the Loss of Hair

Before using any hair re-growth tablets, hair re-growth pills or hair re-growth medicine, it is crucial that you understand the causes that lead to hair loss. These are inclusive of environmental factors, hormonal changes, and genetics but are not just confined to these. Here are the details on every aspect:


Genetics is certainly that occupies for the top spot as being a cause for the loss, however, the whole idea is slightly more complex than anyone could ever think. Most people must have heard that it is the genetic DNA from the mother’s end that contributes to hair growth or hair loss. It is true partially because the X chromosome that is inherited, is inherited from the women and carries androgenic receptor with it. A mutation or variation in the androgenic receptor has been accounted to cause female pattern baldness and male pattern. However, there are studies indicating that there could be many other epigenetic factors which can be attributed to it.

Changes in Hormones

When hormones in the body undergo change, it poses a serious threat to the follicles of hair. This hormone is Dihydrotestosterone that is derived from the male hormone. Studies have even suggested that when testosterone that is the male hormone converts into DHT. This usually happens in the hair follicle’s oil glands. DTH is responsible for binding the follicular receptors of androgen. It results in hair follicle shrinking that creates one of the most unhealthy environments so that there is the occurrence of hair growth. High DHT levels lead to loss of hair ultimately.


Factors Related to Environment

With hormonal and genetic factors attribute to the loss of hair, it has to be noted that there is a multitude of multiple factors that influence rates at which hair falls. Excessive radicals that are free flowing in the body are defined as a catalyst for the hair cells that are damaging. These radicals are clusters that are highly unstable molecules that actually steal the electrons from various other molecules. Hence, the structure is mutated or damaged. Free radicals are found in cigarette smoke, radiation, pollution, and herbicides.

Life Cycle of Hair Growth

There are three stages of hair follicle growth and that happens naturally through three stages that are distinct. These stages include the telogen stage, catagen and anagen. When you understand things that happen at each of the stages, you shall understand the hair follicle’s natural cycle, allowing one to see where the process can be improved.

If you ever go through the diagram of hair growth, you shall understand the process of hair growth that begins with the phase of anagen. This phase is referred to as the stage of growth and last typically for two to six years. Interestingly there is enough evidence for suggesting that this phase is ethnically variable.

When compared to the catagen phase, the phase of catagen has a shorter life than the anagen phase. This is referred to as the stage of transition. This means that in this stage original hair transitions for making ample room for the follicles of hair. This period lasts for ten days, typically.

Finally and the third stage is called the phase of telogen. It is also called stationary stage and this stage hair gets released from follicles that are original, later falling out. Remaining follicle sits patiently then for three months at the maximum before the final process gets repeated again.

The hair follicles are independent in nature and thus the timing of every hair follicle through the three stages is actually staggering. The aim of the dietary and nutritional formulas has been prolonging telogen phase that is inevitable because the anagen’s phase length is extended. Undoubtedly, the phase period of telogen can also be reduced, that tends to be an amazing benefit. Luckily there are some natural vitamins and ingredients that exist in making both the things happen.

Key Ingredients in Folexin

Folexin Ingredients

The formula of Folexin has been made with ingredients available from the lap of nature, these have multiple benefits as well. They are mentioned down below.


This is called Vitamin B7 that is a vitamin, soluble in water and is a part of the complex of Vitamin B. This complex is a group of ingredients that are crucial and needed for the metabolism that is healthy, cardiovascular and digestive functioning and the nerves. Biotin has many benefits and those are supplemented these days for maintaining skin and hair health. Nail improvement is another thing that Biotin takes care.



This ingredient that makes Folexin is a Chinese native and is used for Chinese people for centuries, means it helps in promoting anti-aging and general health. This has been believed in supporting the process of hair growth and helps that as well, while it also restores color to hair that is grey. Fo-Ti is consumed in the form of tonic, juice, extract, and tea. This is available in the form of supplements that is a staple of the Folexin formulas.


Other ingredients

Folexin is said to stop hair fall, leads to faster hair growth and stops hair fall beside also imparting thick hair growth. The formula assists in the process of hair stimulation, growth and strengthening. Some of the inactive ingredients include silicon dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Rice flour, Cellulose (capsules sourced from vegetables). Others include barley grass, alfalfa, sterols from plants, saw palmetto, spirulina, peony, nettle root, extract from bamboo, horsetail extract and L-tyrosine.

Benefits and Expectations

If you have read the reviews of folexin then it must be clear to you that there are many benefits of incorporating these natural supplements that lead to hair growth, and tend to be the best replacement for oils and shampoo. Here is a list of the benefits:

Improves the growth of hair

As per the online reviews’ websites and people’s reviews, Folexin has proven to be the best in terms of overall health of hair. It is biotin present in the proprietary blend that is present and helps in the metabolizing proteins and fat, helping hair cells absorb all nutrients that are needed for improving unhealthy and damaged hair.

Supporting Growth of hair

Supporting Growth of hair

Biotin deficiency causes hair to fall out that is because biotin is most important for the proliferation of cells. This reacts with the cell enzymes of the hair that stimulates amino acids production. These are protein building blocks that make up the hair.

Stronger and thicker hair

Everyday hair has to go through a lot of issues and this includes weather elements like breakage that is caused due to the heat from the sun, dryness of the scalp, chlorine that is present in the swimming pools and hot temperatures that women use for straightening and curling the hair. When there is an addition of biotin in the diet, this helps improving hair structure’s elasticity and strength. You can now re-grow thinning hair. You may have tried many hair re-growth products that claim to be potent hair re-growth medicine but nothing comes close to Folexin.

Results that can be Expected

It is always important to have expectations that are realistic and Folexin is in no way a miracle cure. This is because it takes its own time for producing results and works well with different bodies. The result always varies from one person to another. Some may see the incredible results in just a few weeks while for some it may take some time.

Usually, it is all dependent on the hair loss severity that one has had before supplements. Daily supplementation certainly leads to improvement in the hair health, hair growth, stronger and thicker hair. Both male and female can use Folexin.

The formula certainly helps to support hair re-growth but sometimes it is also dependent on other factors like diet, lifestyle and other aspects. Hence those expecting overnight success must steer clear from this.

It is not any miracle cure but a treatment that takes its time to treat hair loss naturally.

Each bottle comes with sixty capsules and you are supposed to have two tablets of Folexin each day during morning and evening with food preferably. Exercising patience is a must to see the consistency.

Where To Buy Folexin?

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