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Winsol Overview

Winsol is supposed to be one of the most famous steroids on the market. It is not only for its standout qualities and high level of performance but it is also for the fact that it has been involved with a lot of athletic scandals before and was in the spotlight for quite some time. Given such a repertoire it is obvious that you will wonder how safe and legal it is to consume to have better muscles and high level of performance but stay away from all legal obligations at the same time. Well, this review will take you through all the stages to know about the product better to make an informed and educated decision.

Winsol is derived from dihydrotestosterone which makes it a synthetic anabolic and androgenic steroid. It was first developed by Winthrop Laboratories in the late 1950s and was known Winstrol(Stanozolol) that came into the scandalous spotlight when Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson used this and tested positive which resulted in his stripping of the gold medal he won in 1988 Olympics defeating the much favored golden boy Carl Lewis of the US. Since then it has come a long way and now it has a mild anabolic nature that makes it safe to consume both by men as well as women.

Crazy Bulk Winsol is available both in aqueous suspension as well as in a tablet form as it is not esterified. Due to the presence of C 17aa alkylation of the product, it is supposed to have high oral bioavailability. This allows in passing the liver metabolism and allowing the hormone to survive. It has the natural and most powerful ability to remove the unwanted mass and therefore top bodybuilders prefer it as the most effective cutting supplement as use it to contest a prep phase. Winsol promotes muscle growth, stimulates appetite and also increases bone density and also has the ability to successfully treat anemia and angioedema.

For Best Results Stack With

Anvarol (Anavar), Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol) & Trenorol (Trenbolone)

Ingredients: effective and works fast

Crazy Bulk Winsol Ingredients

The ingredients found in Winsol are most effective and works fast. Being natural all these ingredients are safe and causes no harm to your health and body. The list of ingredients includes:

  • Winstrol (Stanozolol)
  • Starch
  • Dibasic Calcium Phosphate
  • Lactose
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • FD&C Red # 40
  • D&C Red # 28.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine.
  • Wild Yam Root.
  • Choline Bitartrate.
  • L-Carnitine.

All these ingredients work together to ensure that your body is free from excess fats and results in its smooth and proper functioning. Not just this, the ingredients of Crazy Bulk Winsol also helps in the growth of body muscles, raising the energy levels so that you can perform beyond boundaries.

Benefits: many to be precise

The benefits of Winsol are many and it includes more pros than cons. Well, the pros list includes:

  • The supplement does not convert into estrogen
  • It helps to increase your overall endurance level
  • It promotes quality muscle growth
  • It increases the level of stamina and energy
  • It raises your performance level
  • It uses natural ingredients only
  • It is safe to use and has no side effects
  • Winsol (Winstrol) is legal
  • It does not encourage water retention
  • It results in harder and denser muscles
  • It provides a lean look in you
  • Winsol is available in multiple forms and therefore you can either inject it or consume a pill
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There aren’t any apart from that fact that you will not find it in any brick and mortar store in your locality.

See The Crazy Results of Winsol

#1. Crazy Bulk Winsol Results

#2. Winsol Results

Does It Work:  that is what it is designed for

Winsol designed by the finest experts and is an outstanding steroid that is known for its effectiveness. The entire working process can be explained in a few steps that will bring the desired lean look in you with an assurance of the increased level of performance.

Winsol boosts flexibility in you as it can effectively burn all your body fat. When you work out regularly, your body becomes accustomed to it and the muscles start to move more freely and easily.

Winsol eliminates excess water from your body and muscles which is necessary when the level of estrogen in your body rises there is a high chance of water retention. As a result, this might increase the blood pressure that will make you look bloated and smooth. The supplement will remove this excess water to facilitate the growth of muscles.

Crazy Bulk Winsol enhances strength as well as the growth of muscles that will provide you with more energy to enable you to increase the number of sets and reps.

Winsol lowers the level of SHBG or the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This will allow more steroid supply and to rest in a liberated state.

Winsol also enhances synthesis of the protein that greatly increases the nitrogen retention capability. The product will also constrain the glucocorticoid hormones and help in increasing the number of red blood cells.

Winsol will also improve your muscle density making it more visible and strong. Apart from that, it will metabolize your body fat and you will easily get rid of excess and unwanted fats but retain the muscle mass. When you fat percentage goes down you will gain maximum level of speed, agility, and power due to increased muscle growth.

How To Use: Wisely As Directed

The dosage of Winsol is different for women and men and you should follow it diligently. For women and for a total cycle length of 4 to 6 weeks low doses of Winsol is recommended. 5 mg per day is better for standard growth in women and a maximum of 10 mg per day for a higher level in women is suggested. You should always start with the 5 mg per day cycle. If you are using the injectable form then a maximum of 20 mg for 4 days is suitable to manage and advised.

For men and for a total cycle length of 6 to 8 weeks the dosage should be between 25 to 50 mg per day where 25 mg of oral Winstrol is recommended for normal growth and 50 mg of it for bodybuilding freaks. If you are using the injectable for then 50 mg of it every alternate day is advised.

Remember it has high hepatotoxic nature and therefore 7 to 10 days of high dose may be good for competitive levels.

Side Effects: nothing serious reported yet

As per Crazy Bulk, there have not been any reports made for serious side effects of Winstrol supplement. However, it may have some estrogenic and androgenic side effects if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle, but for that, Winsol should not be held responsible. You can consult your doctor if you feel uneasy about using it.

Where To Buy Crazy Bulk Winsol?

You can buy Winsol only on their Official Website


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