Crazy Bulk PCT
Crazy Bulk PCT

Crazy Bulk PCT Review 2018: Post Cycle Therapy Supplement | Where To Buy PCT

PCT Overview

Post Cycle Therapy or PCT is followed by all weightlifters after using steroids. This process is followed due to some scientific and biological reasons and to ensure that your body or your muscles do not have any adverse effect. Whenever any anabolic steroid is used there is an effect in your body that stops producing testosterone on its own. This results in an increase in the level of estrogen. To counter this side effect of the anabolic steroids often bodybuilders have to resort to using several other pharmaceutical drugs that will help them to lower the level of estrogen and increase the production of testosterone.

PCT is the best product made from all natural ingredients that act as the most effective post-cycle detox agent. It will help you to cleanse your body and along with it will detoxify the liver. It will further help in preserving the reserves and along with it increase the level of your stamina and energy for most effective and result driven post cycle workouts. The manufacturer claims that with the regular use of the supplement you will experience more muscle gains, proper retention of size and strength. You will be able to restore the functionality of the hormones resulting in more muscle formation.

The manufacturer of the supplement claims that it is useful to avoid the harmful post cycle effects. The product will also allow you to avoid any post-pro-hormone effects as well. The effective ingredients of this medicine also help in balancing and controlling cortisol and provide the required testosterone levels significantly. PCT is an effective and all-purpose post cycle solution that will help you dramatically in estrogen suppression. Let us have a detailed overview of the product to understand it even better.

Ingredients: well balanced and effective

Crazy Bulk PCT IngredientsThe Crazy Bulk PCT has only natural ingredients that are perfectly balanced in the formulation in the right amount to make it most effective. All these ingredients working in tandem will help you to increase your muscles and at the same time preserve the muscle gains and maintain a healthy hormone level with a detoxified body. The ingredients include:

  • Zinc Citrate

This is an important component that helps in boosting your immune system. This will also help in continuing healthy blood cells apart from improving your quality of sleep. The ingredient also has the ability to accelerate the muscle recovery process after intense workouts.

  • Milk thistle

This has been known and used for centuries for its health benefits as it can help to restore the damages caused to the liver by extensive use of steroids. This ingredient reduces the inflammation in your liver and restores its normal function.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This is an important component of the supplement that will naturally boost the testosterone levels and at the same time maintain a higher level of energy in your body. It also helps in preventing muscle loss.

  • Saw palmetto

This is an anti-estrogenic ingredient that helps in regulating the hormone levels after you come off a steroid cycle.

  • Grape Seed Extract

These are known to be the best anti-estrogen and aromatase suppressor. It also has different antioxidant properties.

  • The other ingredients used in PCT include Nettle root extract and Oak Straw extract.

Benefits: looks after muscle mass and overall health

The most significant benefit of using Crazy Bulk PCT as a post workout cycle is to control the buildup of estrogen and detoxify your body from the harmful free radicals. The list includes:

  • It results in Gynecomastia and at the same time keeps HPTA or Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis healthy in you. This means that the rate of testosterone production in your body is not inhibited but it helps to keep the balance of hormones to the desired level. This helps you to avoid the unwanted and harmful side effects of the use of anabolic steroids.
  • It will help you to increase the level of your stamina so that you can easily take on a variety of other tough post cycle workouts. All this will ensure that you make the most out of your use of steroids.
  • PCT supplement is completely natural and all its ingredients are suitable for the vegans as well.
  • The product is approved by FDA which means that you will not require a prescription from a doctor to use it. This approval also ensures that the product is safe to use and its ingredients are free from any harmful side effects.
  • Using these Post Cycle Therapy pills you can also control and prevent some common problems like anxiety, infertility and much more.
  • This product will also prevent any ‘hormonal crash’ by signaling gonads or testes to start producing testosterone. This will help your body to balance estrogen level and Cortisone that is a hormone known to destroy muscle mass.

The pros

  • PCT is a safe and natural post cycle detox
  • It shows results in less than two weeks
  • It maintains size and strength of muscles
  • PCT also boosts libido
  • The company offer free worldwide delivery


Apart from that fact that this supplement is available online, there are no specific disadvantages that will point a finger at Crazy Bulk.

Does PCT Work:  just as it is required to

ThePCT delivers extraordinary results. This helps in restoring the testosterone production and therefore provides the solution to the ever existing problem of low testosterone after post cycle workouts. The ingredients work together to control and regulate cortisol, estrogen, muscle loss, strength, Gynecomastia or man boobs, body fat, energy loss, infertility, water retention, liver, toxin materials in your body and formation of free negative radicals.

The supplement also supports and normalizes hormonal movement with boosted testosterone and increased nitric oxide. It blocks estrogen and controls cortisol level for the optimal recovery of muscles and its preservation. Moreover, it cleanses your body by detoxifying your liver and harmful radicals. It also reduces inflammation and boosts fertility along with increase the libido, stamina, and energy. All this will result in a longer workout with harder and denser growth of muscles.

How To Use PCT: follow the label

Each bottle of PCT comes in a serving of 60 capsules per bottle. You will need to take one capsule with your breakfast and another capsule with your lunch. This should be followed in both your workout and even on your rest days.

Side Effects: none

As claimed by its manufacturer, there are no side effects of Crazy Bulk PCT but as always, you should talk to your doctor who knows you and your overall health condition well to advise you if you want to change the dosage and the necessary change in your habits and supplement routine that you need to make.

Where To Buy PCT?



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