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Clenbuterol supplement pills help you get into muscle building and help you at any stage of bodybuilding programs.

Planning to build the body without looking worn out? Clenbuterol helps you take them a different dimension rather than simply a newer level. The steroid helps you get into muscle building.

This is a supplement that is hard-core. Workouts can be supercharged while the body transformed, with the help of this anabolic supplement.

Whatever you aim for and no matter how far-fetched it is, you are bound to find something that shall help you at any stage of the process of bodybuilding programs. When you choose Clenbuterol, you are guaranteed faster results. It is to note that there are side effects but they are.

The anabolic is in the format of tablets or pills and has been prepared from the highest quality and purest ingredients. This means that you get the faster level of gains with quite a share of side effects at all.

One such notable supplement manufactured, includes Clenbuterol that helps you get jacked, real fats and enhance your performance. In the following paragraphs, right from ingredients to everything shall be discussed with a view to knowing essential facts that are integral to this thermogenesis pills.

History of Clenbuterol

If you want to run on a cycle of Clenbuterol then there are some things that you really need to know about this anabolic steroid that shall emphasize why Clenbuterol is the best supplement out there.

Anyone that has been in the arena of bodybuilding shall admit that the cycle of clenbuterol is a part of the cutting and weight loss cycle.

In the present scenario as per the Disease control, three out of five adults have been tagged overweight. Additionally, one out of the three adults has been considered obese, with health care that is related to weight, costs have spiraled into billion dollars each year, for treatments.

Hence, it is no wonder that there is indeed a great market for the products of weight loss. With that embedded in mind, here are a few things that shall help review Clenbuterol.

The drug has indeed many uses but the following paragraph go more into the details full with much more information than you already had or needed.

Anabolic Steroid Basics

The full name for Clenbuterol is Clenbuterol Hydrochloride and is often abbreviated to be called clen for short. When it first got created, people used it in multiple causes and some included treating disorders related to breathing beside asthma.

It is used throughout the world but has not been approved by the Federal Administration of Drugs (FDA). Due to this, it shall remain unavailable even through channels that are direct.

The prime reason for the steroid not being approved by FDA is that there exist many medications that have the capability to do many things that are related closely but without a high degree of the side effects.

Chemical Characteristics of Clenbuterol

Nervous system that is sympathomimetic activated

The steroid Clenbuterol works by having the nervous system that is sympathomimetic activated. With various receptors, those bodies have the capability to act on, Clenbuterol makes full use of the receptor beta-2.

Stimulation in breathing

Such kind of stimulation helps in breathing and those that may face obstructions there can totally use it.

Enhancing the rate of metabolism

Another benefit is that it helps in enhancing the rate of metabolism.

Metabolism stimulated

It directly does not attack the cells of fat but actually has the metabolism stimulated. This has the capability for increasing body’s temperature and this, in turn, leads to burning more calories.

Has strong anabolic effects

However, Clenbuterol has strong anabolic effects where there were claims by people some time ago that this helped in creating the lean muscles but there seems to be no proof or any scientific evidence for proving that.

Breathing is Improved

One of the primary benefits that got started in the beginning was that it can of great help to the patients suffering from asthma because it aids easier breathing.

This is one bronchodilator of sorts where the airways are opened and people that face issues related to restricted breathing are able to breathe much freely. It is a beloved and important medication for especially those that are suffering.

Furthermore, it has also been found to enhance performance. Athletes reported having better performance post the use while some also reported that their airways opened.

As per the claims, it is known to be exceedingly useful for opening up the airways and improve endurance, dramatically over time. Beware, perhaps, there are many drugs in the market that deliver similar results and also have a lot of potentials.

Hence, anyone not interested in the weight loss part but clear breathing, you might want to think twice.

Thermogenic Effects

It is capable of having the temperature of the body increased and has also shown to affect those that plan on losing weight. This happens because of the beta-2 stimulator that increases the ability of the body for losing weight and also burn calories in return.

As there is an increase in the temperature, ability of the body to lose fat increases because of the stimulation caused in fat cells. The triglycerides break down and body is much better in the action of metabolizing.

Though beware, because only the thermogenic effects shall not help in the weight loss. Also, it just would not happen on its own. Results can be improved but results cannot be caused solely. With this within the mind, one needs to exercise and diet like any normal being.

There is absolutely no way in getting around this. Clenbuterol only allows for dieting far less intensely.

Why Use Clenbuterol?

This is not a complete review of clenbuterol because as stated earlier this helps the process of losing weight simpler. It can be cut down as to how one shall try losing weight. While it has the capability of melting fat off the body, it can deliver results that are noticeable.

This means that you get a healthier and leaner looking frame. Besides, that it also has the capability to have the fat burning efficiency improved.

If there is that final bit of fat that is there on the body, Clenbuterol helps in reducing that. However, Clenbuterol can only be used for a particular span of time. By waiting unless one gets leaner, the potential results can be maximized and indeed get the biggest bang in return of your bucks.

Bodybuilders and people trying to lose weight know when Clenbuterol is effective, most. This is why people see it towards a workout plan’s end and diet.

Clenbuterol provides final touches for giving the level of fitness and figure one is looking for. It provides the end to any plan of fitness. Hence, for those that are not gym rats can really find benefits in this.

The Vital cons or Side effects

The most important thing about the steroid clenbuterol is that it has real side effects. These have been divided into severe, moderate and minor.

Minor Effects

The steroid Clenbuterol is actually a stimulant thus the most common thing that people are going to feel is that they may feel wired. Some people have even experienced an increased level of sweating even when they are about to shake hands.

The alertness increases, jittery feelings, and hands that keep shaking.

These things are the most common effects and are visible only during earlier stages. If these incidents continue to occur when one does not have to be alarmed.

However, if things keep getting worse then there is something to worry about. Effects that cause the stimulation have been found to face with time but the side effects are more pronounced when they are totally hooked on taking it.

Moreover, thermogenic effects only last long as long as one is taking the medication. Whenever the amount is eliminated or cut down, the properties of burning fat vanishes. This being said, the body actually adapts to thermogenic properties when there is extended use.

After a given point in time, the energizing effects that you felt all this while might just vanish as well. The immediate reaction of some people to that has been increasing the dosage gradually.

Moderate Effects

When the body system is stimulated, there are the multiple side effects. Most frequent out of uncommon ones include infrequent nausea and headaches. One may also experience muscle cramps potentially depending on how the body ultimately reacts to the drugs.

It is the athletes that may face the biggest risks because muscle cramps are a reality because of muscle reliance and intense level of training. Some believe that this problem can be combated once they stay well hydrated.

Furthermore, if the cramps keep on persisting then the diet has to be supplemented with taurine. Clenbuterol depletes the levels of taurine, having it directly replenished.

Another moderate effect is that it tends to cause sleep disorders or insomnia. Sleep becomes more of a difficulty for those that are addicted to the steroid.

This happens especially when they are beginning for the first time. A different drug has to be tried if insomnia continues to be there then a separate drug has to be tried.

Severe Effects

Like any different drug, Clenbuterol has side effects that are very severe and anyone that has made it a part of their regimen needs to gain awareness on that.

This is mainly because it has the capability to cause long-lasting and permanent damage if one is not careful on time. For instance, if too high a dose is taken then there can be incidents of panic attacks and be trembling.

There can be irregular heartbeats that frequently increase, the high pressure of blood and cardiac hypertrophy. This is one potential issue that leads to death. After all use and abuse are two different things. It includes palpitations.

This is a drug that will probably be never prescribed by any doctor and thus has the ability to cause heart irregularities. Thus, those that are not aware of the situation must approach the drug with caution.

It is considered caffeine’s worse and bigger brother because of the stimulating effects it has. Moreover, if any of the doses are miscalculated then there are chances that one undergoes a heart attack.

The stimulant in any form is dangerous because the miscalculation burns one from the inside and they can literally go into cardiac arrest. This drug simply tampers with a person’s nervous system as well as the heart people have visited doctors even when they have not had it.

However that is counterintuitive but the main thing to remember is that it is never safe to venture straight into a drug market that is black, bad and big instead it is always better to opt for the safer alternatives.

Taking the Steroid

Usually, a common dose comprises of 20 mcg in one therapeutic setting. Rarely, an amount can also be increased to almost 40mcg per day. However, a higher dose can be limited to only the shorter time periods.

Typically, the amount is prescribed for correcting things like issues in breathing. For losing weight, low doses have to be taken for gradually as and when the body adjusts. Men can start at about 40 mcg each day. Most women can opt for 20 mcg and later have their dosage increased gradually.

Summing up the Steroid

A general review of clenbuterol has been that it has really helped people to lose the extra kilos but the string of severe side effects that it has just weighed overall that it offers the users.

If anyone is looking for something that shall help them in losing the weight and also burn fat then this is not your answer. Also if you try purchasing the stuff online some legal ramifications can possibly follow because it is really difficult to find a source that is trustworthy.

If it has to be put simply, then choose the steroids you are going to use, carefully because it is always better to be safe than being sorry later.

Side Effects

  • One must never go above the maximum dose because Clenbuterol has been known to enlarge the muscles of the heart.
  • The depleted potassium levels have to be replenished because they are depleted and this can be done only when the diet is supplemented with taurine and electrolytes.
  • The cycle must not be extended for the longest time period.
  • Plenty of water has to be drunk and for reducing the insomnia effects one can take clenbuterol in the mornings.
  • Lastly, never stress on using Clenbuterol instead go for something that is legit, legal and is a medical grade muscle building supplement that is also the perfect alternative.

The Cycle

If clenbuterol is taken in prescribed amounts then the effects of weight loss can be really phenomenal. While Clenbuterol was being used individual claimed to have lost twenty to ten lbs of fat within simply one month. This helps in the preservation of the muscles because it tends to build one solid foundation for the increased level of weight loss.

Clenbuterol is known to draw fat as the fuel and helps the user to slim down but leaving energy levels for the regimens of training. It tends to cause heightened body heat of the mitochondria and that results in the sweating.

With adequate levels of hydration, it helps users in the method of losing weight do that extra toxins that are accumulated in the body are completely eliminated. It is actually these toxins that cause weight gain. The most dramatic effect of this, however, has been the fact that the aerobic capacity of the user is enhanced.

By the addition of supplement in the daily regimen of fitness, one experiences lung capacity to increase sharply and this consequently leads to endurance.

As the bronchial tubes are opened, Clenbuterol leads to an increase in the energy that is required by systems in the body. With this one gets to burn extra calories in one workout than what would have been the scenario on the best day at the gym.

Most common cycles to use incorporate this into your regimen includes a cycle of sixteen weeks, the cycle of four weeks and cycle of two weeks.

For most of the bodybuilders out there, the cycle of two-weeks has been known to deliver fastest and best results. As some seasoned athletes, they acknowledge the fact that Clenbuterol supplement has helped in building the lean muscles and also have a physique that is defined.

Side effects may occur within just four to three days after using thus it is recommended that first timers must never exceed the 40 mcg mark.

There is no defined dosage for it because the users can reduce intake during the second week while they started off having 20 mcg of it on day one and working their way up till 140 mcg by the seventh day.



Niacinamide or Nicotinamide is vitamin B that helps in the weight loss promotion because the metabolism is stimulated. This helps in the production of energy and nutrition synthesis. Vital co-enzymes have formed once the body started using this for repair.

Guarana Extract

This is actually a seed and this particular ingredient is found in sports drinks and the extract contains caffeine that is energizing.

Citrus Aurantium

Bitter orange and Citrus Aurantium contains synephrine as an active component that helps in an improved rate of metabolism, reduction in appetite, lipolysis, and thermogenesis.

Extracts of Garcinia Cambogia

This ingredient is called Hydroxycitric acid which is a fruit and prevents fat to build up in the body. HCA is, in fact, beneficial for having the appetite suppressed.

This acts on an enzyme that is present in the body and it is called the citrate lyase which is naturally produced. It converts into fat from carbohydrates. Hence, no fat creation or accumulation happens inside the body.

There are three legal variants for Clenbuterol that mimic the same effects of this anabolic steroid. The four of them include colonel from Marine Muscle, Clenbulen from Max Gains, Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk and Clentrimix from Crazy Mass. Each of them is discussed in great details below.

Crazy Mass Clentrimix

Where to Buy Clentrimix?

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This agent of fat burning is free from ephedrine that helps in keeping off the pounds. It has a formula that is super powerful and safely increases the metabolism for shredding fat and keeping it off. This contains the alternative formula of Clenbuterol and is legal in nature.

Some of the benefits include toning and tightening of muscles, retaining the dense and lean mass of muscles by the process of oxygen transportation, melting fat away and being the most versatile thing for cutting and bulking cycles.

It eliminates the process of water retention and has the nervous system stimulated.

Crazy Bulk Clenbutrol

Where To Buy Clenbutrol?

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This is legal steroid under the series of Crazy Bulk. It is a legal steroid that is new and is available in the form of pills, is sold online and is distributed by renowned supplement seller called Wolfson Berg Ltd. However, the most important thing to know about the pill is that this pill is the best alternative to Clenbuterol that is an illegal agonist that is beta-adrenergic.

This illegal steroid initially was used on the animals so that lean masses could be bulked up. In long-term, it was found harmful.

Many scientists working at Crazy Bulk decided for creating a Clenbuterol’s alternative, most critics felt that product at the end may not be as effective as Clenbutrol because the question mainly was that if there could at all, be a product that can come without any side effects.

But the myth was busted and the final product was later found to have no side effects at all. Bodybuilders got the opportunity for increasing the growth of muscles and metabolism, the way they wanted.

The core function of the pill is to burn the excess fat that has been all there hidden underneath. This helps in the preservation of lean muscles that have been there inside your skin but you may not have ever known that they existed.

Clenbutrol works because only a hundred percent natural ingredients are used to make it and this also mimics the effects of Clenbuterol but not the side effects. Internal temperature increases, that causes BMR to rise and this helps effectively in the fat burning process.

While the process of fat burning is promoted, cardiovascular performance is also promoted and the levels of energy increase. It is due to the metabolism that has stimulated which increases the energy levels and all the stored carbohydrates and fat gets converted into energy.

The energy is then used for working out and sweating it out in the gym. Also, it helps in the building more muscle mass.

The supply of the oxygenated blood rises and it reaches the muscles hence endurance, recovery and stamina are improved while one works out.

Max Gains Clenbulen

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Clenbulen is one of the natural alternatives that have been developed and researched for replicating effects of this very popular steroid known as Clenbuterol. It is helpful for burning fat in the resting phase of metabolism.

For anyone trying to bulk up, Clenbulen acts to be one of the best lipogenic blends that work synergistically in helping users get muscle mass besides burning of fat simultaneously. You do not need any injections and the results are delivered, lightning fast.

Marine Muscle Colonel

Where To Buy Colonel?

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Colonel helps in increasing the body’s BMR by having the metabolism rocketed. The body, as a result, is forced to burn all the fat and converts it into energy.

There are fifty milligrams of turmeric that goes into making colonel and is strongly anti-inflammatory. This works like an anti-oxidant that helps one to burn more fat. The end product is that is of a fighting machine that is mean and lean.

Oxygen levels are increased in the body and this helps the body to go into overdrive and has it transformed. The product is safe for ingestion as legal ingredients go into the making of this.

To gain maximum results you need to follow a program that is disciplined in terms of exercise and diet. Achieving an ideal, military and lean muscled-iconic look only got easier with Colonel.

However, the guidelines have to be followed strictly to feel more energetic and stronger. Within a period of just one month, you can achieve the physique that you may be dying to attain.


Clenbuterol is a powerful anabolic steroid that can aid in muscle building and weight loss. It has shown promising results in enhancing metabolism, improving breathing, and offering thermogenic effects.

However, its use comes with a range of side effects, from minor to severe, and can potentially cause long-lasting and permanent damage if not used with caution. It is essential to follow proper dosing guidelines and be aware of the risks associated with Clenbuterol use.

For those seeking a safer alternative, it is recommended to explore legal and medically-approved muscle building supplements. Always prioritize your health and safety, and consult with a medical professional before incorporating any new supplement into your fitness routine.

Health Clinic USA


What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is a powerful anabolic steroid that aids in muscle building and weight loss.

How does Clenbuterol work?

Clenbuterol works by activating the sympathomimetic nervous system, stimulating breathing, enhancing metabolism, and having thermogenic effects.

What is the history of Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol was initially created to treat breathing disorders and asthma. It has since gained popularity in the bodybuilding and weight loss community.

Is Clenbuterol approved by the FDA?

No, Clenbuterol is not approved by the FDA.

How does Clenbuterol improve breathing?

As a bronchodilator, Clenbuterol opens up the airways, making it easier for people with restricted breathing to breathe more freely.

Can Clenbuterol help with weight loss?

Yes, Clenbuterol can assist with weight loss by increasing the body’s temperature and metabolism, leading to more calorie burning.

What are the minor side effects of Clenbuterol?

Minor side effects include increased alertness, jittery feelings, and shaking hands.

What are the moderate side effects of Clenbuterol?

Moderate side effects include infrequent nausea, headaches, muscle cramps, and insomnia.

What are the severe side effects of Clenbuterol?

Severe side effects include panic attacks, trembling, irregular heartbeats, high blood pressure, and cardiac hypertrophy.

How should Clenbuterol be taken?

Clenbuterol should be taken in prescribed doses, starting with low amounts and gradually increasing as the body adjusts.

What is the recommended starting dose for Clenbuterol?

Men can start with 40 mcg per day, and women can start with 20 mcg per day.

Can Clenbuterol help with muscle preservation?

Yes, Clenbuterol can help preserve muscles while promoting weight loss.

How does Clenbuterol affect aerobic capacity?

Clenbuterol increases lung capacity, leading to improved endurance and better overall performance.

What are the common Clenbuterol cycles?

Common cycles include the 16-week cycle, the 4-week cycle, and the 2-week cycle.

Which cycle is preferred by bodybuilders?

The 2-week cycle is preferred by most bodybuilders for the best and fastest results.

Can Clenbuterol cause heart problems?

Yes, Clenbuterol can cause heart irregularities, including palpitations and potential heart attacks.

How can Clenbuterol-induced muscle cramps be combated?

Staying hydrated and supplementing with taurine can help combat muscle cramps caused by Clenbuterol.

What should be done to manage insomnia caused by Clenbuterol?

Taking Clenbuterol in the morning can help reduce insomnia. If it persists, consider trying a different drug.

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