Cilexin Review 2018 – Really The Number One Natural Male Enhancement Pill?

Cilexin Overview

The manufacturer claim that if you want to experience a better sexual life with longer, firmer and healthier erections and also notice an improvement in your bed activities in a safe and natural way then you should use Cilexin. This is a proven and effective male enhancement supplement that is made up from only natural ingredients. Designed by the best scientists of the world this supplement aims specifically at helping you with better and longer erectile quality, health and an improved function. The natural formula of Cilexin is very effective and does not need any prescription to order.

If you want to take control of your sexual life and satisfy your partner even more then Cilexin is the ideal product that you should try. Its benefits do not only involve a better and improved sexual performance but will also increase your sexual desire and drive. Cilexin will also increase the blood flow in your genital and penis region resulting in a firmer and stronger penis. Overall, it will increase your stamina, endurance and general health of your penis and the erectile function. The product is trusted worldwide due to its ingredients that are widely considered to be safe to consume making it the first choice for the thousands of benefited users worldwide.


All natural and effective ingredients and extracts are selected and used in the making Cilexin unique formula. These ingredients are both domestic as well as imported from the finest and most reliable sources. ‍there has been a lot of studies, tests, and examinations made on the key ingredients of Cilexin. All these tests have shown positive results in improving erectile health and better sexual performance. Some of the ingredients used are:

  • L-Arginine

It is a key ingredient of the Cilexin formula which is an amino acid. It helps in building the protein blocks and acts a precursor to production nitric oxide that helps in better erectile function. It improves in blood flow due to the relaxation of blood vessels so that more oxygen rich blood circulates through the arteries and reaches your genital region. It is found through research that oral administration of this amino acid for over a period of 6 weeks or more can improve blood flow in a man and enhance sexual performance.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Another key ingredient in the Cilexin formula that is known to help in boosting the level of testosterone. Studies indicate that it benefits sexual performance with an assured increase of testosterone levels by 16% with only 6g of Tribulus Terrestris extract for only 60 days. It will improve sexual health better than any controlled placebo ingredient.

  • Panax Ginseng

One more natural ingredient used in the Cilexin formula that affects sexual performance in a positive manner. Men with any type of erectile health deficiency will benefit from it using 900 milligrams of it three times a day for only a period of two months.

The proprietary blend of this supplement also includes:

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Tongkat Ali powder
  • Maca extratct
  • Satsaparilla root extract
  • Pumpkin seed extract
  • Muira Puama bark etract
  • Leaf and stalk of oat straw
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Astragalus root extract
  • Catuaba bark
  • Licorice roo extract
  • Orchin substance
  • Oyster extract
  • Chelate amino acid or Boron

There are several other natural ingredients used in Cilexin that will support and help in healthy and natural restoration of penile function along with and improved sexual performance. Some of these ingredients include:

  • Vegetable stearic acid
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Vegetable magnesium


The natural ingredients in Cilexin formula provides a host of benefits to the user in regards to your erectile problems and health. The list of benefits includes:


This product naturally improves blood flow in the genital region to help in stronger and firmer penis
Apart from better erectile functions it helps in enhancing sexual mood with better psychological influences.
It promotes the libido effects for better sexual arousal
The L-Arginine in the Cilexin formula helps to produce more nitric oxide naturally which is a powerful neurotransmitter helping the blood vessels to relax and improve blood circulation to better your sexual performance
It promotes endurance and stamina along with the ginseng to support sexual function.


As of now there are no side effects of it found or any complaints registered by any of its users.

Does Cilexin Work?

The ingredients used in making Cilexin as featured in Dr. Axe, Mayo Clinic health systems and Web MD acts on the root cause of erectile problems thereby producing long-term effects.

Sexual problems and erectile dysfunction may be a result of many different factors including psychological, physical and environmental influences. Such issues may not only lie with the penis alone as psychological influences play a significant role in it as well. Elements like stress, trauma, depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, sense of guilt and even lack of sleep may cause erectile dysfunction.

Physical influences like vascular disease Atherosclerosis cause the buildup of fatty molecules and narrow the arteries. High blood pressure is also another common cause of such problems as it causes damage to the arteries. Cilexin makes the arteries think resulting in less blood flow to your penis.

Environmental and your lifestyle choices is also a potential cause of poor erection and sexual performance. Lock of exercise, high trans-fat foot, high cholesterol, smoking and consumption of alcohol can reduce sexual performance. All these reduce blood flow to the penis and consequently causes problem on getting an erection.

The L-arginine acts on your body to solve all these problems from the root by the process of cell replication and enhanced blood circulation. It helps in both motility and sperm production by converting in your body into nitric oxide. This is the chemical that causes blood vessels to widen and improve blood flow.

How To Use Cilexin?

You must take 2 tablets a day of Cilexin one during the middle of the day and the other one during the evening. You can follow the direction of your healthcare professional as well. you will be able to see the noticeable changes almost immediately though results may vary from person to person.

Side Effects

Made in the US Cilexin is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and also follows the strict GMP guidelines making it a safe and useful male enhancement supplement. According to HealthClinicUSA, since Cilexin is made with only natural ingredients there are no side effects and is therefore widely regarded as safe to consume. However, if you do experience anything, consult with your medical professional immediately to find whether Cilexin is the right product for you…

Where To Buy Cilexin?

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