Biogenic XR
Biogenic XR

Biogenic XR Review 2018 – Can It Really Provide Ultimate Muscle Performance?

Biogenic XR Overview

The manufacturer of Biogenic XR claims that their product is a natural male enhancement supplement that works best and focuses on rectifying some of the most common symptoms caused by specific sexual dysfunction commonly known as erectile dysfunction. With the use of their su,pplement you can rest assured to have a long and firm erection of your male organ allowing you to have a prolonged and satisfying session of sexual intercourse. You can now satisfy your partner and perform well in bed as you will be able to gain and maintain your erection.

It is also claimed by the manufacturers that their product also focuses on other areas of your sexual health providing the necessary assistance. According to their claims, you will be able to maintain your strength, energy, stamina, and endurance with their effective and unique formula. This will allow you to perform even better for a longer period of sexual activities. Their product is claimed to be the most effective natural alternative to several erectile dysfunction drugs like Cialis and Viagra. The significant factor that makes Biogenic XR stand out from the others is the fact that it uses all natural ingredients in its unique formulation.

You can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals that are commonly found in Viagra. There are some other claims that the company makes. You will also have an increased level of energy with it natural ingredients when you are working out in the gym. It will also provide you with a lot of assistance in gaining muscles and lean muscle mass gradually. Biogenic XR will help in a solid and adequate flow of blood in the genital range to improve your erectile dysfunction without any side effects.

Ingredients: effective and safe

Biogenic XR is formulated by using all natural ingredients that are clinically and scientifically tested to be safe for consumption and have no side effect in your health. The primary ingredients used in this male enhancement supplement are L-Arginine Hydrochloride, Maca Root, Maritime Pine and Yohimbe extract. The functions and features of all these ingredients are:

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride

This is a special formulation of L-Arginine which is a vital amino acid that helps your body to convert to nitric oxide. This in turn improves blood flow with the relaxation of the blood vessels. This ingredient is a perfect solution for your erectile dysfunction as solid and steady blood flow is ensured in your genital region along with the pelvis area. Apart from that this ingredient reduces blood pressure and supports in your cardiovascular health to improve your exercise performance levels.

  • Maritime Pine

This pine bark ingredient is the most powerful antioxidant that protects your body against any damages caused by the free radicals. It also helps to improve your body’s immune function and helps in restoring normal erectile functionality. Al this is possible due to its combination with the L-Arginine.

  • Yohimbe

This is a natural extract that also helps in the improvement of erectile dysfunction. It is a very powerful extract that improves the blood flow to your penis helping you to have a longer erection and a firmer penis. This ingredient helps in sending nerve impulses to your penis which results in an erection for a long time.

  • Maca Root

Maca is actually a superfood that contains a large number of essential nutrients that your body requires on a daily basis. It looks after your general as well as sexual health. It also contains specific compounds that helps in improving sexual endurance and also elevates your libido. It is also known to have the power to assist in the balancing of your hormone levels in the body.

Benefits: supports in overall health

The all-natural ingredients of Biogenic XR pure and does not contain any fillers, additives or artificial chemicals. This product works well for men of all ages providing the proper boost to the hormone level of the young or the old. It also helps you to increase your testosterone levels along with energy and stamina levels that will enable you to perform better in your bedroom or at the gym.

The pros

  • You can have better energy and stamina to participate in strength training exercises
  • It increases the level of testosterone
  • Biogenic XR contributes in building stronger muscles
  • It helps and promotes in faster development of lean muscle mass
  • The ingredients have no side effects as all are natural without any synthetic or artificial additives


A few downside of Biogenic XR, though not worth shunning it altogether, are:

  • It is not yet approved by FDA
  • It can interact with your current medication
  • Extra dosage than what is recommended can cause serious consequences
  • Biogenic XR is quite expensive
  • You will need to continue with your regular exercise to see the desired results


Does Biogenic XR Work

The working process of Biogenic XR can be divided into three simple steps. All you have to do is to take 2 capsules every day, one in the morning and the other at night. The ingredients dissolve immediately with your blood stream to show its effect. You will get a sound, firm, full and prolonged erection due to the increased and solid blood stream in your genital region. Blood enter into the two assemblies of your penis causing your penis to extend and distinctly erect. This excess blood in the penile chambers will help you perform better and for a long time on the bed. The ingredients bolster vasodilation process in your body which causes your veins to grow resulting in more blood to flow uninterruptedly and unreservedly to all the parts of your body and more blood is pushed into your penile chambers to create fuller and firmer erection. All this also results in lifting vitality, stamina and passion making Biogenic XR the best and most effective sexual enhancer.

How To Use

Regular use of Biogenic XR will result in firmer erection as the ingredients in it work on an emotional level and also acts as aphrodisiac at the same time. You must take a maximum of two capsules every day and consistently for at least three months to see the optimal results. One such capsule should be in the morning and the other one at night. Make sure that you do not cross this limit of dosage as the formula contains Yohimbe that can cause several harmful side effects if it is taken in large doses.

Side Effects

Just like HealthClinicUSA emphasizes that you do not take more than what is recommended the manufacturer also corroborates with them. Biogenic XR has no side effects if you follow the recommended dosage.

Where to Buy Biogenic XR?

Biogenic XR is only available on their official website



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