Beautifully Bright Black Mask
Beautifully Bright Black Mask

Beautifully Bright Black Mask Review 2018 – Is It As Safe As It Claims?

Beautifully Bright Black Mask Overview

Everyone wants to have a healthy and younger looking skin that will also make the look and feel young as well. That is why there are so many beauty products available in the market all of which claim to have used a revolutionary formula to cater to such huge demand, all across the globe. However, all may not be a safe and as effective as it claims to be and to use at home safely and effectively.

Amidst such a plethora of beauty products, one product that has been steadily gaining popularity in the market, especially among the Western community is the Beautifully Bright Black Mask that is a peel-off mask. The manufacturers of this popular facial mask claims that it effectively cleans the pores and is safe to use. But whether it really works as effectively as it claims or it is simply another beauty fad that has more hype than providing the actual result that is the question.

This peel off black mask is a full-face mask and it contain generous amount of potassium and magnesium in it. It has been proven clinically that it protects your skin against any damage from free radicals, dirt, debris and all other environmental pollutants that you come across every day. This is effective in removing blackheads, acne, whiteheads, excessive sebum, old cell tissue and dead cells from your nose, forehead and chin. It is basically a powerful cleansing, detoxifying and hydrating agent that results in brighter and tighter skin on your face making your skin look young and healthy.


The black mask formula of Beautifully Bright Black Mask is an essentially vitamin infused formula that contains all natural plant extracts. These extracts are full of minerals and antioxidants that are known to have several healing properties. It also provides proper nourishment to the skin and supports healthy hydration with proper moisturizing of the skin. It contains 100% pure and high quality activated bamboo charcoal to create a high power carbon for the best absorption. Other ingredients that are added in it to enhance the health of your skin include:

  • Citrus Paradisi

This is a compound that hydrates deeply and fills the skin with proper nutrients to protect it from ageing.

  • Rosemary Leaf Extract

This is another natural ingredient used which is known to be the most useful source of antioxidants to clear all the impurities from your skin.

  • Avena Sativa

This act as a natural agent to soothe as well as hydrate your skin.

  • Activated charcoal

This ingredient is very popular for its power to draw out any impurities from your skin and also for its anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing the redness and irritations on your skin.

  • Water

This enhances the overall dissipation of the other natural ingredients of the product.

  • Amino acids

These increases the moisture retention ability of the skin and also enhances skin whitening during sleep time.

  • Betaine

This actually is not a surfactant but more of a moisturizing humectant that has the ability to enhance the skin texture.



The Beautifully Bright Black Mask will benefit your skin in ways more than one. This product is equally effective for both men as well as women to effectively remove blackheads and pimples. It also helps in improving the overall health of the skin on your face.


The product has its own share of pros and cons that can be enumerated as below:

  • The black mask effectively removes blackheads.
  • It also deals with the acne
  • It removes whiteheads
  • It makes your skin free from excess oil
  • It pulls the dead skin cells away
  • It is affordable
  • It comes with a guarantee
  • This facial mask does not flake or chip
  • It is easy to use and clean as well.


The only downside of this product can be its painful removal and therefore it is not suitable and bearable for people who have a very low threshold for pain. As when it dries down fully it sticks to your skin like glue, you may feel a little bit of burn or sting when you peel it off. You may also have redness after peeing it off if you have a sensitive facial skin but all these issues can be solved and you will get relief if you apply some moisturizer to make the skin normal again.

Does It Work?

Beautifully Bright Black Mask works just as it is desired, effectively and efficiently. It cleans the clogged pores of your facial skin from deep down inside making it look bright and fresh. The ingredients in it work towards reducing age lines and wrinkles from your face if you use it properly. This beauty treatment is so popular because it works effectively on all types of skin and sticks to the skin like glue when dry removing the oil, dirt, blackhead, whitehead, acne and dead skin cells along with other impurities on your facial skin when you peel it off.

It is all about the super adhesiveness of the mask that results in proper exfoliating and deep cleansing of the skin. The charcoal content not only fights acne but reduces future breakouts and ensures proper skin tone. The skin will have no excess oil and remain moisturized as well.

How To Use?

There are three simple steps to follow when you use the Beautifully Bright Black Mask. You simply have to apply it, leave it for some time to dry thoroughly and then peel it off carefully. It is the tar-like heavy texture of this product that must be applied on a clean face. Use mild face wash for this purpose but make sure you dry up your face completely and nicely before applying the mask on your face.

Once applied, let it settle and do its work on your facial skin for about 15 to 30 minutes and make sure that it has dried down completely within that time. This will enable in easy peeling of the mask. You can test its dryness when you experience a tight and taut feeling in your skin. This shrinking feeling of the skin, though weird is not at all uncomfortable.

Peel it off to have a clean and bright skin.

Side Effects

It is the assurance of HealthClinicUSA that the Beautifully Bright Black Mask is entirely safe and easy to use that makes the product sell like hot cakes. If you are okay with the slight pain while peeling it off, few people like it though, the this I the best product for a healthier and brighter face.

Where To Buy Beautifully Bright Black Mask?

This Product Is Only Available On Their Official Website



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